Chitauri Scepter

Loki’s scepter for ChiruKira‘s Lady Loki Cosplay

Chitauri Scepter

Project Description

This was a project I did for the lovely ChiruKira by the end of 2015. It was done the ‘classic’ way with a pvc pipe, plastic foam and worbla. The pipe was filled with sand, heated up and bent to fit the dynamic shape of the Chitauri Scepter. After it cooled down, the sand was removed. Then I added layers of plastic foam and carved it, until the shape was right. I cut out the ornaments from foam rubber and glued them on top with hot glue. For the head of the staff I used balsa wood and EVA foam to create the pieces. I added a removable piece where the 9V battery was hidden – which I attached with magnets. When the pieces were all done I covered everything with worbla. This was quite challenging, as I wanted no seams and used one long piece of worbla for the whole lower part.
After priming it with dark brown acrylic paint, I added several layers of gold acrylic paint. Everywhere the gold should shine more, I added more layers of paint. With darker and lighter colors I did some finishing touches to let it appear more three-dimensional.

Project Details

Client ChiruKira
Date dezember 2015
Time about a month
Materials worbla, pvc pipe, plastic foam, transpa-art

Glowing Gemstone

With worbla’s transpa art I modeled the gemstone and carved it out to fit three blue LED lights inside. I wired it all together so it worked with a 9V battery. I hid a small switch, where it’s not too obvious and colored the gemstone with nail lacquer, so it was blue even when the lights are out. The gemstone was attached to the head with hot glue.

German Comic Con 2015

At the first German Comic Con 2015 ChiruKira’s Lady Loki cosplay made its debut. She was partnered with Lady Thor Cosplay done by Krystl Art and everybody loved them! They were surrounded by people who wanted to take a photo. We had a great time there. The photo on the right was taken by the awesome EosAndy at the German Comic Con. He liked the cosplay so much that he gave it a sweet background and did some great postproduction. Thanks!

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