About me

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Jakob Jonathan Schwarz

3D Artist

Hi! My name is Jakob Schwarz, I’m a 25 years old and from Germany. Currently I am a self employed 3d artist working on personal projects or as a freelancer artist. I am very passionate about working in 3D. No matter if it’s for still, moving pictures, games, interactive or 3D printing. Creating and visualizing ideas is an awesome task, and I love it.

I studied design at the University of Applied Sciences Georg Simon Ohm (TH Georg Simon Ohm) in Nuremberg with the focus areas CGI, film & animation, interaction design and typography. However in the field of 3D I am mostly an autodidact. I like experimenting with new software and new technology to find new ways to visualize ideas and make virtual things feel alive. I’m am very reliable, tidy and dedicated to my work and I’m a team player. I love echange views with other artists on their ideas, on a new piece of software, or anything nerdy.

In my free time I like spending time with my collie, playing the piano, building props for cosplay or going on conventions. Building real things with my hands that are not virtual is something I really enjoy doing, and seeing virtually created things come to reality with 3d printing is a great experience.

CGI never bores me. There is so much to learn, there are so many interesting fields and areas that are completely different, but they’re all very exciting to me. So my passion and enjoyment working on CGI / animaton / vfx / 3D printing projects is rising each day. It never gets boring!

Have a great day!